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Warehousing & Consolidation

An inside look at our warehousing and consolidation services

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We can accommodate any size storage or shipping need.

If there is an unexpected change in your delivery, we can store your items in our secure facilities until needed.

Safely Storing Your Valuables For You

From partial delivery to full orders, we can dispatch your stored merchandise at a moment’s notice. Our national network of warehousing terminals are equipped to effectively receive warehouse shipments.

For particularly sensitive antiques or paintings that may be vulnerable to changes in temperature or humidity, our climate-controlled vehicles are at your disposal.

Fine Art Moving and Storage

Need to store your fine art safely until your move is complete? We can provide storage options that are affordable for short-term or long-term use. Our art moving team will provide you with a number of options to preserve your pieces until you’re ready, and at that time, we’ll deliver your fine art to your home or commercial property. Our knowledgeable staff will then help you stage it in its new home, setting it up to preserve and enjoy with proper placement, ever mindful of aesthetic placement and light exposure.

Our team understands the investment you’ve made into your art, so we always treat each art relocation and storage experience with care and professionalism. In fact we’ve helped many collectors relocate large numbers of paintings, sculptures, and more, and we’ve received nothing but great reviews.

Our flexibility is our strength

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Air Transport Services

Speed and Proficiency; a win-win combination – the convenience of overnight delivery combined with Plycon’s superior logistics solutions. Plycon can solve your transportation needs, contact a customer-care representative today.

Specialized Packing and Crating

Plycon understands the challenge in moving very fragile pieces across the country. Chandeliers, glass tables, statues and sofas with fine pencil-like legs are just some of the crate-worthy items we transport everyday. Our crating departments are experts in building crates of all sizes to ensure a safe delivery.

For Long Distance Moving or Local Transport

Plycon is your best choice.


Plycon's White Glove Service is our complete end-to-end household moving service.

We will meticulously pack your entire old home; every dish, painting and toy, move it across town, across the country or around the world. We will then work with you or your designer to unpack, setup and arrange everything in your new home.



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