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With a nationwide fleet of car carriers and unbeatable service, we will ensure your high end vehicle gets to its destination safely and on time. With our terminals, located across the United States, Plycar Transportation Group’s premier enclosed auto transport services excel. Our professional staff pays close attention to detail and service for customer service guarantee. We make nationwide auto hauling easy and stress free. Whether you’re transporting a vehicle from Miami to Los Angeles, or the Hamptons to Boca Raton, Plycar can accommodate any needs you may have.

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By choosing to work with an authorized transportation company you can be sure that you are getting what is promised to you. With an authorized company, you can rest assured that the dealership authorizing them has a long-standing, positive, relationship with the company. Therefore, you are sure to receive quality performance and top-notch customer service. Plycar is fully licensed and insured to meet all State and Federal requirements. Our drivers are all specially trained and are held to the highest standards.

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Auto Transport

Plycar callaway truck
Plycar callaway truck

Added Protection During Shipment

We offer enclosed automotive transport for added protection when shipping your car.  Plycar is the leader in enclosed Auto Transport so that prized Chevy or Aston Martin you love will get the care it deserves while you fly back home relaxed.

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Convenience: No need to drop off anywhere, you can use our door-to-door service, and we’ll come to you! With our trusted motorcycle transportation service there is no need to crate or palletize your bike. Your bike is delivered with fluids and battery intact; ready for a long ride right out of our trailer.

Care: Our trailers and trucks are completely enclosed to protect your bike from the elements. Each motorcycle is individually secured by a special Multi-lock strapping system designed to restrain motorcycles and keep them from being damaged during transport. Of course we are fully insured and employ only the best drivers who provide timely and professional service.

Fast Service: We deliver your bike right to your door with average delivery times of 28 days. Some shipments may be faster — contact us to find out the shipping estimate for your shipment.

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Request your - no obligation - custom quote for your supercar, exotic, collectible or antique vehicle. We offer fair pricing, 40+ years of experience and a fast estimate.

From packing and unpacking a single precious antique or the contents of an entire home to crating and securely storing one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces, to transporting vehicles across the country, Plycon has established standards that are unmatched and proudly leads the way as the industry’s unparalleled innovator.
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