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Plycon offers easy shipping solutions for delicate and sentimental clocks, such as grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and wall clocks. Whether you are moving long distance or shipping a clock from one location to another, our expert problem solvers can create a customized plan for you. We handle every aspect of the shipping process, from packing and loading to transportation and delivery.

With end-to-end shipping services, we take care of all the details, ensuring that your clocks are shipped safely and efficiently. This includes handling fragile or valuable items, custom crating and packaging, coordinating pickup and delivery, and tracking the shipment from start to finish. Whether it’s clocks, art, pianos, rugs, a small shipment of boxes or an entire household of furniture and belongings, Plycon’s end-to-end shipping services provide a hassle-free way to move items across long distances.

Our clock shipping solutions include all of the following:

Grandfather Clock line

Grandfather Clocks

All longcase clocks, including antique, traditional, grandmother, and heirloom clocks
Wall Clock line

Wall Clocks

Pendulum wall clocks, vintage wall clocks, mid-century clocks, bracket clocks, and more.
German style clock line

Mantel Clocks

French style, German style, Art Deco, and modern mantle clocks.

From packing and unpacking a single precious antique or the contents of an entire home to crating and securely storing one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces, to transporting vehicles across the country, Plycon has established standards that are unmatched and proudly leads the way as the industry’s unparalleled innovator.
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