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We all know that moving can be A LOT of work. Depending on how many items you own and how much time you have, the moving process can usually take between 2-4 months to complete. This timeframe can seem daunting, but Plycon is here to help at every step of the way.
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Ready to Move?

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1.5 to 2 Months Out From Moving Date

It’s getting closer to your moving date and there are some important duties that need to be done, whether you have begun packing or not. Make sure you handle items involving your employer, children, doctors, and more. See below for more details:

New Job or Staying at Current Job

  • Make sure you have notified your current employer or plan a date when you will put in your notice. If you are staying with your current employer, then make sure you put in for time off during your move and notify them that your address will be changing.

Notifying Educational Institutions & Medical Providers

  • For any children attending school, make sure you notify the school about your move and if necessary, register your child to a new school within the district of your new home. If you are changing doctors or healthcare providers, be sure to transfer all medical records for everyone in your family.

Preparing for Storage

  • Depending on where you are moving and how many items you are moving, you may want to think about purchasing a storage unit near your new home so that you can store your belongings temporarily, or put items in storage while you work on areas of your new home.

Travel Planning

  • How will you get there and where will you stay? Take into consideration whether you will have to book a flight, a hotel, schedule shipment of vehicles, etc.
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4-5 Weeks Out From Moving Date

You may have started packing here and there, but now it’s time to start taking packing seriously. Start gather packing materials and supplies and determining what needs to be packed and what you will be getting rid of.

Use our checklists to help you with your packing and moving!

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2-3 Weeks Out From Moving Date

Your moving date is right around the corner so you should get all of your affairs in order. Here are a few things you should do if necessary:

  • Change your address with the post office and have your mail forwarded to your new address if necessary.
  • For any services at your existing home (such as landscaping services), make sure to cancel them and set up new services to your new home.
  • Be sure to cancel or update any community memberships, subscription services, and/or gym memberships.
  • Update your address with any organizations or companies you are registered to.
  • Confirm your travel plans and prepare any clothes, toiletries, and snacks you will need during your travels.

Wrap Up Any Tasks

  • Make sure to take care of any miscellaneous or last minute tasks, such as:
    • Returning items to local stores
    • Cancel or redirect scheduled deliveries
    • Pay any outstanding fees
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1 Week Out From Moving Date

This is the final week of your move and if you have been on top of things, then there should not be too much more to do. You will want to start winding down and packing up any last minute things. Start dwindling down and packing anything that you have left out for your final weeks in your home.

Make sure that everything is in order for your move and double check everything. This includes:

  • Confirming any arrangements for children or pets during the move
  • Make sure you have the keys to your new home and they are easily accessible upon arrival
  • Finish packing your first night box (see below for checklist)
  • Make sure to have cash on you if you plan on tipping anyone helping you with the move
    Keep an eye on the weather and make any adjustments if necessary
  • Prepare a cooler with water and snacks to have for your travel and moving journey



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