First Night Box Checklist

The first night of your move can be very exciting. It is essential that you prepare and your essentials on hand and ready for your first night. Therefore, we have put together a first night moving kit that will contain any important supplies that you may need on the first night of your new home. The first night moving box’s purpose is for items that you will need and will be easily accessible. This should limit some stress when spending the first night in your new home.

This box should travel with you or be the last box loaded onto the moving truck. Make sure that it is labeled properly and does not get lost or misplaced. See below for some essential items that should be included in this box.

Cleaning & Maintenance Supplies

When you move into a new home, there may be some basic cleaning and disinfecting that needs to be done before settling in. You will want to do a quick scrub down of surfaces that should not take too long. Therefore, make sure to pack some basic cleaning supplies in your first night box, such as paper towels, cleaning solutions and spray, gloves, trash bags, broom and dustpan, vacuum, and anything you usually use to clean.

Other Important Utilities

It’s important to have utilities on you that may come in handy the first night and while unpacking the next few days. These items include box cutters, a hammer, a screwdriver and screws, pliers, light bulbs, flashlights, and extra batteries.

Food & Drinks

It is important to plan your eating arrangements for the first time. You can always order out, but make sure you have non perishable snacks on hand in case your refrigerator or freezer are not up and running at first. Make sure to also have plenty of water bottles on hand to stay hydrated.

Sleeping Arrangements

You will want to have a good night sleep as the next few days of unpacking will be tiresome. Hopefully your beds will be moved so you will want to bring sheets and pillows. If not, you may want to plan to have sleeping bags or air mattresses ready for the nights you will be without your bed. If you are using an air mattress, don’t forget to bring an air pump!

Personal & Hygiene Supplies

Make sure to have your personal items packed that you use on a daily basis. These items include your toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, brush and comb, clothing for the next few days, toilet paper, bath towels, cosmetics, and chargers for personal electronic devices. Your health is important, especially during a move. Make sure to have any medications and first aid supplies on hand.

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