Moving Supplies Checklist

Here is more information on item number 1 of the pre-packing checklist. This checklist will include all of the moving supplies and packing supplies you will need before starting to pack up your belongings. Keep in mind that you can enlist a moving company like Plycon that will provide packing materials. If not, then you will need to budget for moving supplies and may have to order ahead of time. See below for all of the moving and packing supplies you may need.

1. Boxes

Boxes are probably one of the most important items you will need when packing your belonging. Boxes will keep loose items together and will also help with organization purposes. It may be a good idea to start stocking up on cardboard boxes from online orders, such as Amazon. These can be very handy and items usually arrive in larger boxes that can be used for moving. You can also order cardboard boxes in bulk from Amazon, or purchase cardboard boxes from office supply stores or hardware stores.

How Many Boxes?

You do not want to underestimate the amount of boxes you will need during your move. You also do not want to overestimate and waste money or room on a bunch of boxes that you are not going to use. If you have large items that need to be packed away, then you will need to dedicate a large box to just that one item. Smaller items can usually go in smaller boxes or be contained together in larger boxes.

Since every move is unique depending on how large your current home is and how many belongings you have, it may be tricky to determine exactly how many boxes you may need. Here is a good baseline to get you started. A typical three bedroom home will require anywhere from 80-150 boxes. Keep in mind that most of your items will be packed in boxes. This does not include large furniture or hefty appliances. 

Here are some factors that can help determine just how many boxes you may need:

  1. Number of Rooms
  2. Number of Years in the Home
  3. Number of People
  4. Square Footage
  5. The Lifestyle of Your Family (whether you are a collector or minimalist)

Types of boxes:

  • Small – for books and fragile items
  • Medium – small appliances and regular household items
  • Large – for lightweight to medium-weight items such as pillows, blankets, and clothing
  • Extra Large – for bulky lightweight items such as wardrobe boxes and comforters
  • Electronic – specially sized boxes for home entertainment devices (media players, gaming systems, cords)
  • Heavy Duty – reinforced boxes for fragile collections and dishes

2. Tape

Believe it or not, there are different types of tape you should be using for different reasons during your moving process. You should use great quality tape that is durable and has good adhesive power. Now is not the time to be skimpy on the quality of tape. Also think about purchasing a tape dispenser or a tape gun that will help make the process more speedy and efficient. See below for different types of tape:

  • Packing Tape – used for sealing boxes
  • Shipping Tape – can be used in pace of packing tape
  • Masking Tape – used for labeling boxes
  • Duct Tape – used to reinforce heavier boxes

3. Bubble Wrap, Pads, and Sheets

You DO NOT want to spend all this time packing only to have your items break upon arrival of your new home. Therefore, you will want to purchase materials that will protect your items during the move process. See below for some materials we like to use to protect our packed items:

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is our best friend when packing and protecting our household items. You may want to consider purchasing a large roll of bubble wrap that can be used to wrap and insulate fragile items in your boxes.

Stretch Plastic Wrap

This type of wrap is used to bind items together and help barrier furniture in order to prevent scratches, dust, and other types of damage.

Furniture Pads

You can cover large appliances and furniture with either furniture pads or thick blankets. A neat trick is covering fragile furniture items with a furniture pad or thick blanket AND THEN using the stretch plastic wrap for extra protection.

4. Other Tools

Here are some other items you may need during your moving process that will come in handy:

  • Permanent Markers
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter
  • Bags
  • Toolbox (screw driver, wrench, etc.)
  • Newspaper/tissue paper (to wrap glass items)

5. Cleaning Supplies

You will want to have cleaning supplies on hand to clean up as you pack. Be sure not to pack away certain cleaning supplies and have them accessible during your moving process. This includes a broom, dustpan, vacuum or hand vacuum, sponges, paper towels, garbage bags, multi-purpose and glass cleaners.

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