Pre-Packing Checklist

Pre-Packing Checklist

Before packing, you want to make sure you are prepared so that you have everything you need and on hand when you begin packing your belongings. Check out the list below for things to keep in mind before starting the packing process.

1. Have Packing Supplies on Hand
Getting together all of your packing supplies ahead of time will be very helpful for when it’s time to begin packing. This includes moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, and scissors.

2. Label Everything
Designate boxes ahead of time and label them accordingly. This will help tremendously with organization and efficiency.

3. Purge Old Belongings
Now would be a great time to get rid of any unwanted items within your home. The more items you can donate and sell, the less you will have to move into your new residence.

4. Make Lists for Cancellation of Services
Since you are moving out of your residence, you will need to send up end of service dates, final bill dates, and change of address information. To help with organization, make a list of everything that will need to be altered, including mortgage bills, auto loans, credit card billing, and cell phone accounts. Don’t forget to forward your mail.


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