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Do you need to ship your car and are not sure what’s best for you? Let’s take a look at open vs. closed carrier auto transport.

When you need to transport your vehicle, having a professional auto shipping service allows you to save on fuel costs, as well as provides convenience and peace of mind. But how exactly is your vehicle transported? Most auto transport companies utilize a series of trailers to relocate cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, or even boats across the country. At the Plycar Transportation Group we exclusively utilize closed carrier car shipping to ensure the highest degree of care to your vehicle.


OPEN Carrier Auto Transport

When an auto shipping company references “open” carrier trucks, people visualize the carrier type most heavily associated with car transport. Open auto carriers are typically bi-level trailers that can carry two rows of cars. These trailers lack sides and roofs, making the vehicles onboard open to the elements.

Open auto shipment trailers are the least expensive option. They are lighter than an enclosed vehicle, meaning they use less fuel.

Your vehicle is exposed to the elements at all times. This means zero protection from road debris (i.e. small rocks, etc).


CLOSED Carrier Auto Transport

Unlike an open auto carrier, enclosed shipment containers feature a fully covered shipment experience. The Plycar Transportation Group only utilizes enclosed auto shipping for maximum protection of your vehicle.

Enclosed auto shipping is the preferred shipping method for high-end, antique, luxury and expensive sports cars and vehicles. Enclosed carriers offer the highest degree of security and protection, ensuring that vehicles are protected from damaging debris and elements.

While some people consider enclosed auto transport a more expensive option, the knowledgeable reservation agents at The Plycar Transportation Group are ready and capable to handle all of your shipping and pricing inquiries.

There are many factors to consider before solidifying your vehicle shipment plans once you have established the best plan for your situation, our service agents at The Plycar Transportation Group are ready and able to assist you with all of your auto shipping needs.