Anthony Cordella was looking for an automobile transporter to get his son's (Nick) Mustang from New York to Arizona. The two had spent countless hours working on the priceless car and faced a dilemma now that Nick was going to be moving to Arizona for school. Here's why he decided on Plycar.

Tell us a little bit about this special Mustang we're shipping.

Anthony Cordella: Nick [my son] had been working part time and saving his money while going to college. He wanted to get a car that he could really enjoy, specifically a Mustang GT, since I had one and he was already participating in many of our club's events. We found this car for sale by the original owner in completely factory-stock condition, unusual for an older Mustang.

It needed some work, but was basically a sound, solid car and the price was affordable.

What are some of the highlights of you and your son's work on the car?

AC: The first thing we did was install new brakes and brake hardware, along with new tires. We changed front suspension components and bushings and had our friend in the Mustang and Shelby Club of LI do a wheel alignment at his shop. We changed the oil and coolant, and installed a new water pump, radiator, and all new hoses. We changed some engine components and got the car running great. Nick also really cleaned up the engine compartment, so he could be proud when he opened the hood! Nick also did a great job rejuvenating the exterior, getting it to really shine. We cleaned up the interior, repairing the carpeting and installing a new shift handle. We changed the taillights and center brake light, installing sequentially flashing turn signals and an LED center brake light. We installed high output headlights and new clear fog lights. We repainted the hood scoop and rear spoiler with a black matte coating to contrast the gloss black body. We removed the front grille and replaced it with a new Mach 1 style grill and pony. We removed huge subwoofer speakers and amps which came installed in the trunk, which Nick was able to trade for a high-performance exhaust system. We had this put in at a local exhaust shop, since this would have been tough to get perfect in the driveway. There are a bunch of other details we worked on, but you get the idea. We got to share plenty of time together and had a lot of fun along the way. We have plenty of memories with that car, and I'm sad to see it leave but happy for Nick.

How did you make your decision to choose Plycar?

AC: Nick is now going on to school for his graduate studies in Arizona, so we needed to get his car there without having to drive it all the way from Long Island. I researched for several days, trying to find the best company to ship his car. I spoke to people in our club to get their recommendations. I found that many online carriers were simply brokers who would get their commission and hand your car off to whoever would take the job first. The last thing we wanted was to have problems getting his car delivered in the same condition we sent it. After all, this is Nick's 'baby'! I called a couple of respectable carriers that our club has used, but their prices were prohibitive. Even our club will not be using them much anymore. I knew Plycon was a local company that had been in the area for many years but I didn't know much about it. I called and got a quote that we could actually afford, and stopped by to see firsthand how it looked. I spoke with one of the drivers out in the yard, along with one of the mechanics who maintains the trucks. I liked that the trucks were all enclosed and well maintained. The more I saw, the more impressed I was. Everyone in the office was also helpful and very nice. I knew if you were in business this long dealing with high-end cars like I saw in my visit there, you were doing it right. It was a done deal, we were going with Plycar. When I met you, along with our drivers Vince and Sandra, and the rest of the crew there last Sunday, I knew we made the right choice and Nick agreed. The car was handled professionally and was well taken care of. Vince and Sandra were the best, and Nick and I are very happy we chose you. I will be recommending Plycar to my friends in the Mustang club, and anyone else that needs to have their car shipped the right way.

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