Attention Snowbirds: How Will Your Car Get Home?

Many retirees are choosing to live in a permanent summer – and who can blame them? Here in New York, we have to deal with snowstorms and icy roads several months out of the year. When people are moving into their golden years, its likely that they want to keep those golden years warm!

When you choose to become a snowbird and its time to migrate north or south, you will need a qualified and reliable company to ship your car to and from Florida. Plycar Transportation Group will get your car safely to its destination when you need it!

Ship Your Car To & From Florida With Plycar
Convenient, safe, reliable, and timely!

With convenient availability and speedy moving, we can pick up and drop off your vehicle any day of the week. We offer enclosed transport trucking for all vehicles. 

Added Safety with Enclosed Car Transport
Great for high-end and luxury cars!

Enclosed transport trucks offer more security, safer shipping, and eliminate environmental risks with a completely covered and shielded car. This is one of the safest methods to transport your vehicle to Florida and back again. Covered car or enclosed transport is the recommended car moving style for classic, racing, luxury, and other high end auto makes and models.

Convenient Airport Service
Get on your first-class flight and leave the driving to us! 

Don't want to bother with getting a cab or having someone pick you up from the airport? Plycar will have your car waiting for you when you arrive in Florida. Start enjoying the warm weather immediately after you land, and cruise to your warm weather destination. 

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Monday, 24 June 2024

From packing and unpacking a single precious antique or the contents of an entire home to crating and securely storing one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces, to transporting vehicles across the country, Plycon has established standards that are unmatched and proudly leads the way as the industry’s unparalleled innovator.
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