Top 4 Tips for Restoring a Classic Car

The perfect guide for an ideal classic car investment…

Whether you're restoring the exact 1960 Corvette that your father drove in high school, or have always had your heart set on owning a Porsche 911, classic car restoration has become a nationwide hobby for serious automobile connoisseurs. In fact, collectors and hobbyists spend close to $2 billion annually in the industry for costs related to projects, parts and labor associated with auto restoration.

Thinking of starting a restoration project? Check out Plycar Transportation Groups 4 Tips for Restoring Your Classic Car.

Know Your Limitations
Sometimes, you need a professional!

It's one thing to want to be hands-on in your restoration project, but it's important to be objective. Be forthcoming with what your capabilities are in completing this project on your own, and consider bringing on a restoration professional to guarantee that your vehicle is up to your preferred level of restoration. Achieving feedback from an expert with a multitude of experience up their sleeves will save you time and frustration further down the road.

Create a Plan
Get organized! 

From budget to parts needed, it's important to start any restoration project with a plan in place. After choosing your restoration professional, sit down and create a catalog of work to ensure that you are on the same page. Always have a little fluctuation available with your budget; a particularly rare and costly part or preferred cosmetic detail might require a bit more than you bargained for. 

Research is Key
Know what you're getting into! 

Restoring a car to its former glory is an exciting and rewarding project – it can also be costly and time consuming. Be sure to do some research when selecting a model for restoration; pick a vehicle that will retain or increase in value after project completion. While the initial investment might be higher, the end value will reflect the appreciation potential. In addition, the classic car industry includes multiple manufacturers and providers of parts and services, some of which may offer lower prices (in addition to lower quality)… 

Use a Trusted Auto Transport Service
Plycar specializes in classic car moving! 

Why would you ship your classic car? Maybe you found the perfect vehicle to restore, but it's out of state. Maybe you found the perfect car but it's not fit to be moved by just anyone. Plycar Transportation Group will provide hassle-free transport of your restoration classic; from initial pick-up, mid-restoration move, or to your first classic car show upon completion. Our enclosed transportation services of exotic, luxury and classic automobiles provides reliable and professional service and support. With Plycar Transportation Group, you will rest easy knowing that your vehicle will arrive in immaculate condition.

Once your restoration is complete, the Plycar Transportation Group recommends conducting a thorough and detailed inspection to ensure that all work is completed to your liking. Be conscious of future maintenance milestones that will provide longevity and value to your restored classic for years to come.

Stay Informed

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