Cross Country Car Shipping: What You Need to Know

Customize your auto transport with peace of mind.

Whether it's a company relocation or a family move, moving your life cross country can be stressful. Aside from transporting your family, household possessions, and pets, you have the added task of shipping your vehicles. That's a lot of moving parts and decision making that needs to be delegated and confirmed within a certain window of time. At Plycar Transportation Group we understand that your car isn't just a piece of property, but an investment of your finances and, if it's a restored vehicle, an investment in your time.

While organizing your auto transport, here are some of the various choices that could affect your price quote:

Vehicle Type

 Whether you're shipping a classic 1957 Ferrari or Bugatti Super Sport, the Plycar Transportation Group will ensure that your automobile arrives from point A to point B in pristine condition.


The more notice you give us, the better. Travel volumes can be higher or lower depending on the time of the year. In addition, some transport hubs can offer expedited shipping options, depending on their schedules. If you need your car to arrive within a certain time frame, you can request a guaranteed delivery option. Be sure to mention all imperative dates to our customer service representatives when booking. 

Discount Options 

Are you qualified for a military or multi-car/frequent shippers discount? Be sure to inquire with our shipping agents to see if you are eligible. 

Origin vs. Destination

If you're moving from San Francisco to San Diego, you're looking at different price components than if you were moving from Boston to Los Angeles.

Hub to Hub, or Door to Door

Your vehicle shipment can be arranged from driveway to driveway, or from one of our service centers to another. Our representatives will complete vehicle inspections and sign-off on site. Not going to be on hand for delivery? You can designate a representative to act as your proxy.

Enclosed Trailers

The Plycar Transportation Group only utilizes enclosed carriers for maximum protection from dirt, wind, debris and the elements. There are many reasons to ship your car. However, our enclosed transport system is one of the best reasons to ship with Plycar.

Now that you know the basics of cross country auto transport, be sure to complete the custom quote form, or contact our service agents to receive a quote. The Plycar Transportation Group is always on hand to meet your needs and exceed your vehicle shipment expectations.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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